I've never been one for goals and targets but at the start of 2022 I thought about doing a 365 challenge, IE one photo every day but that isn't practicable, as through the winter it's dark going to work and dark coming home. I thought about one a month but that isn't much of a commitment so could I do one a week?
Doing 52 random locations didn't really appeal to me but then I remembered,, Coming to the end of the original Lockdown in 2020 when things were going to open up, I came to the decision the first place I wanted to visit were the stacks at Duncansby so rather than random locations, why not make it about there. 
As much as I love the Stacks I thought even trying different compositions I doubt there were enough variation to do it for a year. Then I thought if I expand it to be Duncansby Head and the common grazing area, that would add the mile West to the Ness of Duncansby as well as the Stacks. It's still not a large area but I think there are plenty of options, we will see.
So, 52 weeks at Duncansby, here we come. Wish me luck I think I'll need it!
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